Ciao︎ I'm an Italian UX/UI Designer, based in Milan.
I shape brands, build digital products and illustrate when I have a chance. 

Vanity Fair Green

Design and illustrations for an online event, with quizzes and a virtual garden experience.

Limonta 1893

Rebranding and redesign of logo and website for a major Italian textile company.

Vanity Fair Stories

Design of an online event, that used to happen in person before the pandemic.

Marta Ferri

Design of online portfolio for fashion designer and socialite Marta Ferri.


Redesign of a high fashion e-commerce website. 

Castello di Cigognola

Design of website for a wine company.

C’est la V

Rebranding and redesign of a 70s inspired fashion brand.

Patent Starters

Illustrations for a whitepaper.


Design of a celebrative logo.

Without Production

Redesign and rebranding of a fashion producer logo and website.


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