Limonta 1893 

Limonta 1893 is a group of innovative textile industries, with a long history of producing and printing fabrics for major fashion houses. They wanted to improve their online presence and tell their story in an interesting and compelling way. 
I designed their updated logo and defined common rules for the brand identity to achieve a consistent visual language across all departments of the group.
I designed the corporate website, that revolves around 4 pillars: World, Creation, Care, Soul. 

Logo, Brand identity, Web design, Illustration


Limonta 1893︎︎︎



The redesign started from an analysis of the current logo and its weak points, in particular the letter spacing and the numbers. Once corrected these elements, I clarified the internal relationship between the letter “I” and the line that divides the logo, so to achieve a neat and balanced logo.
This was the starting point to design the logos for all Limonta divisions. The typeface chosen for the brand identity is National 2 by Klim Type Foundry.

While closing the brand identity, I designed the Coming soon landing page. It features an animation of falling labels, inspired by the real industrial labels applied on fabric rolls to identify the next stage in the production process.

The new corporate website is designed around 4 core values of the brand: World, Creation, Care, Soul. This structure allowed us to create a cohesive narrative throughout the different services and companies of the group.

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