Everything in C’est la V speaks of freedom, travel, lightheartedness, from patterns to styling. That is why when we were asked to revamp the brand identity and the online boutique we agreed that custom calligraphy and illustration were the correct tools for the project. 
Their brand identity didn’t need to be a hyper rigid set of rules. Instead, we kept the communication free to explore and browse into a moodboard of visual language, inspired by the 70s and boho imagery: the source of inspiration was very clear, yet the outcome could be very different every time. The brand didn’t want to be transformed into a polished fashion house, so this relaxed approach allowed them to retain their authenticity and originality.
Client: C’est la V.it︎︎︎
Year: 2018
Role: Branding, Illustration, Web Design, Social Media
Design Direction & Development: Display︎︎︎
Calligraphy: Nicolò Giacomin︎︎︎ 

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Milan, Italy